Dec 2014

aligned ducks on editorial

The Concrete Observer gathers some prints and other editions of a few authors irresistibily living in Porto.

From December 16 on, the cupboard at Miss’Opo’s dinning room is an indoor window for printed material. Engraving, silkprinting, photocopies and offset material are for consultation and sale for a few days.

You may see them or ask for information at Rua dos Caldeireiros,nr.100 , and even acquire some editorial duck. If you are not able to drop by Miss’Opo and you still want to ship a treasure from Porto, order through mail and expect shipping costs at your expense. 


Abolition Of Work - part 2 from Bruno Borges is a comic book on Bob Black’s text which proposes a more ludic world where there will be just things to do and people to be with. (en) 17€

Em Terra de Cus Quem Tem Olho  É Rei from Miguel Carneiro from Miguel Carneiro is a book of 13 emblems to the 21st century, thought denseness through illustrations for press tradition’s sake and invited writing. (pt) 17€

Gradations of Time Over a Plane is a publication from Mariana Caló and Francisco Queimadela concerning their open-ended project which deals with symbolic manifestations of time in various natural and man made sceneries. 10€ > They also brought a book called State of Motion, published by a collective they’re part of named Piso8€

NN from von calhau! is a book on words and images put together on account of their assimetric simetric relations until the burst of sense. 10€

Zombie, from Marco Mendes and published by Mundo Fantasma, is mostly a nocturne comic novel about mainly youngster’s political behaviour. (pt/en) 17€

Four issues from Ministério da Contra-Propaganda, short editions made byGui Castro Felga on social-political subjects. titles ”zine 0”, “uma zine sobre isqueiros”, “vimos por este meio pedir emprestados os meios de produção”, “guia de sobrevivência para workaholics sem trabalho”. (pt) 1€ each

Guilhotina is a print studio that uses several printing techniques and where from tCO presents some works from Ana TorrieMariana Barrote e Walter Almeida.various prices from 5€ to 25€ ** Guilhotina’s sales revert to a child project calledChapa Azul, a mobile print studio. Be a part of the crowd that funds until 29th December.

Arara is another print studio from which some posters related to their publications, “Abolition of Work - part 2” and “Em Terra de Cus Quem Tem Rei é Cego”, were selected. Von Calhau! also printed their poster “corte d’urubu" there. various prices from 20€ to 30€

patos alinhados em EDITORIAL from aligned ducks at MISS’OPO
from TUE-SUN, 20:00 - 00:00
+351 912 725 338